Is it possible to hack an iPhone

There are many ways the iPhone is saved from hacking. But there is always an option for hack an iPhone. Apple policies at the app store that may grab illegitimate permission to consumer’s devices. And it unable to download potentially malicious from non-app store sources and it saving iPhone from iPhone hacking.

Apple does a tremendous work preventing the devices from being hacked, and except for the rare and short-lived cases of bugs or zero-day issues, like the recent face time vulnerability, there is hardly any risk at any given time. But that doesn’t mean there are no security risks for iPhones floating around online. There are many malicious activists working to hack an iPhone.

Apple is more protective of its app store and devices than Google. Because of the Google open-source platform as Android. But Apple has everything very selective that’s why iPhones are less prone to risky or malware-ridden apps.

There are now more of those risky apps on the Apple store. Apple’s IOS is more popular with corporate and government, the percentage of these enterprise devices with malicious apps tripled within a quarter. Hackers were exploiting the side-loading method used by enterprise IT teams to install company apps via a non-App Store service. 

And earlier this year apple found some games to be sending user data back to a server associated with an Android malware known as Gold luck. The data included IP addresses and sometimes location data and through the apps didn’t contain any malicious code, the security firm that found the issue said the apps presented a backdoor that hackers could potentially exploit to access app users’ iPhones.

Several of Apple’s apps are popular mainly in China. Once an infected app was downloaded, the malware would create phishing screens to steal users’ logins and hijack the phone browser to open particular URLs that could potentially be malicious links to download more malware.

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